From Bevan Manson


Thank you for giving our composers group ‘Improvisatory Minds’ some space in your erudite and perceptive blog.
I’ve been perusing your writing and am impressed (and grateful) that you write with such musical detail. The review of Moonkyung
Lee’s recording of Tchaikovsky’ s good old workhorse was so refreshing in that vein.
Also enlightening are your many reviews/mentions of some stellar musicians that West Coasters might not be familiar with, such as 
the highly expressive musicians Allen Harrington and Laura Metcalf, to name two. (Due to the latter, now I’ve heard the Metcalf/Boyd duo, from
“Boyd Meets Girl”).
On a more personal note, it’s also good to see my old classmate Rick VanMatre get some well deserved air time, as well as our friend and former IM member Gernot
Wolfgang. Perhaps we will all land in Cincinnati one of these days. Finally, in case you run into Matt Zory in the symphony (you seem to know everyone in Cincinnati’s vast musical scene), a hello from Bevan.
Thanks again,
best regards-
Bevan Manson
Oxnard, CA