Peter Landgren

Like Professor Shaw, I too am clearly biased since I am proud to serve CCM as Dean. I attended the concert performance of Strauss’ masterwork, “Salome”, and couldn’t have been more proud to hear stellar faculty and students partner with top alumni and guests in a musically and emotionally satisfying evening. Stunning actually…

And what made “Salome” even more stunning, was that two weeks and a day later, the same Philharmonia Orchestra under the direction of Mark Gibson led a remarkable rendition of Honegger’s “Joan of Arc at the Stake”…two weeks of preparation!!

And then there was “Il Signor Bruschino” with great direction, voices, set, costumes and an expert orchestra of ten musicians performing one on a part. Nothing could have been more aesthetically satisfying. But then CCM continues to produce Transmigration – CCM Drama students original work, Musical Theatre Senior Showcase, Ariel Quartet, Dance Choreographer’s Showcase…and it just doesn’t end.

Thanks to Rafael de Acha for this blog and his astute reflections on the magic that is created at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, or CCM as we know it.

Peter Landgren, CCM Dean
Thomas James Kelly Professor of Music