Rossini’s musically sinful old age

At the age of 37, having just had a huge success in Paris with his Guilhaume Tell in spite of one of the hottest summers ever, Gioacchino Rossini hung his operatic hat and never wrote another stage work. Instead he lived the good life, eating well, drinking vintage wines, and hosting musical soirees for his many friends. For these events he composed dozens of miniature works for all sorts of vocal and instrumental combinations, none longer than ten minutes in length, which he called Péchés de vieillesse (Sins of Old Age).

In the box set of thirteen discs Péchés de vieillesse NAXOS CLASSICS has assembled a group of Rossini interpreters, led by Italian pianist Alessandro Marangoni and accompanied the music-making with an informative booklet, all with terrific results.

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