Out of the blue Italian multi-instrumentalist Stefano Maiorana (EN Stefano Maiorana) sent me several links to his superb album ENTRE DOS ALMAS for Outhere Music (

Primarily a guitarist who specializes in music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, this extraordinary artist brings to life in this album the music of Santiago de Murcia, a Spanish guitarist and composer who lived between 1673 and 1739 and who during the 66 years of his life lived a hand-to-mouth existence notwithstanding having served the court of Maria Luisa de Savoy, Queen of Spain as Master of the Guitar.

Murcia’s wide ranging talent led him to explore Spanish, French and Italian musical styles and folklore dance forms, which he compiled in his Resumen de acompañar. In his album for Outhere Music, the resourceful Stefano Maiorana takes us on a lovely visit to the music of Santiago de Murcia along with a couple of Arcangelo Corelli sonatas, all with splendid results.

Murcia’s music coming already towards the end of the Baroque and not quite fully inhabiting the Classical era straddles both periods in a charming manner, injecting into it the quintessentially Spanish rhythms of the popular fandangos, jacaras and canaries then in vogue and raising them to the level of courtly music.

ENTRE DOS ALMAS evidences how the Spanish to the core music of Santiago de Murcia and the intrinsically Italian music of Arcangelo Corelli linked each to the other as profoundly connected art forms: two kindred souls enriching one another by way of Stefano Maiorana, an immensely accomplished artist conversant in all the performance practices of the period and in command of a perfect balance of technique, musicality and temperament.