In the soon to be released Azica Records world premiere recording of Aaron Jay Kernis Elegy . . . for those we lost as a single in digital format, Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet of The Cleveland Orchestra, and multiple GRAMMY-nominated harp soloist, Yolanda Kondonassis play a powerful tribute to the families of beloved COVID-19 victims, to give, in the words of Aaron Jay Kernis’ “…some measure of solace to families within a grief-filled musical poem.”  

After contracting and recovering from COVID-19 early in the pandemic, the composer felt move to create music to counterpoint the terrible pandemic and honor the dead and give some measure of solace to families by sharing a personal expression of grief.” “Kernis’ Elegy illuminates – Kondonassis adds – the emotional nuances of our collective experience in a manner that only music can do, taking us on an artful sonic journey that travels through the stages of deep sadness, resignation, despair, and rage, leading us towards hope, sublimation, resolve, acceptance, and finally peace.