In the NAXOS CLASSICS CD TIMES OF TRANSITION, Danish cellist Andreas Brantelid plays three concertos: one by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the other two by Franz Joseph Haydn; Lars Ulrik Mortensen leads the Concerto Copenhagen.

C.P.E Bach’s Cello Concerto in A Major is an essential component of the cello repertoire, characterized by the impassionedly theatrical style of Carl Philipp Emanuel, J.S. Bach’s first-born son.

Termed Empfindsamer Stil (Sensitive style) by the composer, the A Major concerto contrasts with the courtlier works written in the much in vogue Stile Galant that had been around since the second quarter of the 1700’s.  C.P.E Bach’s avoidance of Baroque structural complexity and contrapuntal intricacy signaled a new kind of music that gradually led to the compositions of Franz Joseph Haydn.

Haydn’s Cello Concerto in C major and his Concerto in D major are both perfect samples of their genre. The first, an early work that remained undiscovered until after the death of its composer straddled the mannered Stile Galant and Haydn’s Classicismwhile the Concerto in D major written for the virtuoso Anton Kraft is a fully formed masterpiece of its kind.

Cellist Andreas Brantelid brilliantly takes up the challenges of each of these three works, seamlessly phrasing the Adagios in the grand manner, boldly articulating even the fastest Allegro passages, and taking up with utmost energy the cadenzas. Brantelied, a huge talent to the manner born, plays an Emil Hjort, Copenhagen 1887 cello with gut strings. Lars Ulrik Mortensen leads the Concerto Copenhagen with absolute command of the style, all the while providing effortless support to the soloist.

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