Four Couperin Royal Concerts

Stephen Schultz (Baroque flute), Jory Vinikour (harpsichord), Alexa Haynes-Pilon (viola da gamba), and Mindy Rosenfeld (Baroque flute) are featured in period perfect performances of François Couperin’s four Concerts Royaux.

The lovely Music Arts album (MA-1302) to be released in August includes four concerti which stand among the great compositions of the French master who lived and worked at the height of the golden era of French music during the reign of Louis XIV.

The Premier Concert in G Major, the Second Concert in D Major, the Troisième Concert in A Major and the Quatrième Concert in E Minor are structured in multiple movements that include all sort of dance forms: Allemandes, Courantes, Sarabandes, Rigaudons, Forlanes and a myriad other French Baroque gems. They are given peerless performances by Schultz, Vinikour, Haynes-Pilon and Rosenfeld that emphasize elegance, lightness, and flawless technique.

The album is impeccably produced and engineered at Skywalker Sound by Jack Vad.