Throughout fifteen short pieces variously titled as arias, chorales, interludes, and other more poetic names, givers and receivers, patients and doctors, ministers, rabbis, writers and poets, teachers and students, the healthy and the sick, the living and the millions who succumbed, are given hope and homage, celebrated and or commemorated for their deeds, for their notable or obscure but never negligible lives, and for merely having existed and survived and helped or for having valiantly fought and perished.

Simone Dinnerstein, both a notable pianist and pioneer of music as a vehicle for healing of the mind and the spirit, gives Richard Danielpour’s delicate, economical of means, elegantly tonal, plainly harmonized, sometimes restless, most often tranquil music a noble, straightforward, sensitive reading that renders this treasure of an album essentially important to those who love meaningful music that matters.

The Supertrain Records album AN AMERICAN MOSAIC to be released in mid-March also includes as a movingly fitting finale three transcriptions created by Richard Danielpour for Simone Dinnerstein of Bach’s Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) and the chorale Wenn Ich einmal soll scheiden (When someday I shall depart), both from the Mass in B minor, and the final chorus Wir setzen, uns mit Tränen nieder (Tearfully we sit) from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

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