Opera singer Sofia Fomina’s Gift of Life

This is what makes a musician into something much more… Brava, my friend! Это то, что делает музыканта во что-то гораздо больше. Брава, мой друг!

Opera singer Sofia Fomina recorded this touching video performance to support Gift of Life on International Children’s Day on the 1st of June

She writes: “Hello! My name is Sofia Fomina. The pandemic found me in the circle of my relatives in Moscow. The picture that you see behind me was drawn by my sister for her daughters in their nursery. She failed to defeat cancer. And today I want to support Podari Zhizn, the foundation which helps children with cancer, so that families remain full and children keep laughing. And we could say “Hello”, not “Goodbye.” Let’s give life together!”

Support children with cancer with Sofia. Donate now via the link https://www.giftoflife.eu/appeal/no-q