Concert Violinist Andrii Isakov shares his thoughts on 2020

The pandemic has lasted already almost a year. It is an obvious fact that many musicians have been suffering not only because there is almost no real communication between artists and the audience (I don’t count online as a real connection between those two), but also financially. It is a very sad, but an obvious fact.

From a student point of view, I have to say that I don’t think it has ever been easy for students to support themselves even before the pandemic. The pandemic made it even worse. Speaking of myself, the amount of gigs I have had since the start of the pandemic has been close to zero. The gigs I was assigned to play were either cancelled or postponed until unknown times in the future.

I am able to pay my rent and make a living only because of my teaching. I think it is a good way for students to keep surviving. It might be not enough for more than rent and food, but at least it is something. Because there is not any sureness as to what will happen in the future, I just try to keep going, keep improving, finding competitions, and making many recordings (since performing is a luxury nowadays).

Some of the competitions I got in are postponed until far from now, however, we should not give up even though it is very easy to do so during such a time as this. However, we should fight even harder to keep improving and use this time for something that we might not be able to do during our normal super-busy musician lives.