It would be easy to talk about all the canceled engagements/projects, loss of income, but I won’t.

I quickly realized around May of 2020 that this crisis would last longer than I originally anticipated. Throughout the last 10 months I have had moments of extreme happiness and extreme lows. I miss making music with amazing colleagues and feeling the energy of the audience at my back.

I had an epiphany that this is a “free year.” I can focus and do things that I never thought I had the time for. I just finished a screen play, I wrote and directed my first artistic short video which has gone on to ten festival selections and was picked up by PBS, airing in February. I’ve been able to go back to practicing piano properly. I learned Mozart’s Piano Concerto # 9 as well as Bach’s keyboard concerto in d minor. I did a few concerts (socially distanced) for LA Opera.

But more importantly than all of this, I’ve been able to focus on the person I am and want to be, the father I want to be, the life, when this is all over, that I want to return to. I miss the audience but in the best of worlds, they will return to the concert hall changed for the better.

For the time being, I’m happy to be a bit patient.

Christopher Allen