During the year about to end we posted over 125 times: quite a few reviews of CD’s but very little coverage of live performances, due to the devastating effects that Covid 19 has had on the arts.

We shared some good (and some not so good) news of interest to people who follow the performing arts and to those who practice them.

We posted a series of candid reports by friends in the arts who responded to our request to share with our readers their experiences during these days of the Pandemic. And we honored several artists who left us during 2020.

Throughout 2020 we stayed busy and in touch with a following that honored us with 12,225 visits from places far and wide, from Algeria to Zimbabwe.

To all our loyal followers and to friends long term and new from here and there we send heartfelt wishes for health, peace and enjoyment of the arts throughout the coming year.

Rafael de Acha