Goodbye to friends in the last days of 2020: Tom Hammons

Beyond our artist-critic relationship – I reviewed Tom on my blog several times – Kimberly and I became friends with Tom and his wife, Veronique sometime after we moved to Cincinnati.

I just saw Veronique today when we took her a little Christmas gift and I was relieved to see that she is doing better, one day at a time.

I treasure a story Tom shared with me about the day he said goodbye to our mutual friend and mentor Italo Tajo.

Italo and Tom were both Masons, and in his deathbed the old Maestro gave Tom a handshake that only Masons understand.

I am not a Mason but I do remember the last time I saw Tom and how I got from him an especially strong handshake that I think he reserved for special friends. I want to think that we were considered “special” friends by Tom – two of many “specials” in his large circle of friends.

Heavens knows he was and will forever be special to us.