I may not have been as adversely affected by Covid-19 as some have been.

Retiring over 10 years ago and being widowed 7 years ago already necessitated some adjustments to the life I knew and loved.  I do not watch television at all, but, since live performances have been on hold, I have rediscovered listening to the wealth of high-quality CDs that I have.  I find them more satisfying than most of the admittedly well-meaning and admirable attempts at virtual performances.

Of course, not being with close friends is a loss, but in addition to talking with them by phone, I have been calling some really out-of-the-past friends that I wouldn’t have seen during the last 9 months even without a pandemic, and have loved reconnecting with them.

Though I’m not a fancy cook, I am a natural-foods person and have tried to make healthy new recipes and interesting dinners, even for just one person and even during disheartening times.  I’ve also taken the opportunity of more time at home to go through closets, storage areas, filing cabinets, drawers, book shelves, etc.  Each project feels good when it’s done, but the first step is usually the hardest!

Of course, it’s rewarding to feel needed!  Though I didn’t have children, I have a niece in town with 2 children doing all online school while Mom works 4 days a week at Children’s Hospital.  It’s been a joy to be with them 2 days a week.

I have the blessing of good health and rarely miss a day of walking 2-3 miles.  I try to thank God for His purposes even in seemingly bad circumstances and ask Him to enliven my spirit with His.

Judy Martin, musician