Tales from a Time of Covid 19 – Fifth in a series

A time of loss, and a time of forced (and at times, painful) reinvention

Our friend, F.N., a lovely soprano writes: Covid 19 has put a stop to most of my freelance singer work: I had something like 11 performance contracts and one album recording cancelled for 2020-2021. So I have taken this time to dream up future projects, using this time as a way to regroup and really think about what I want to do artistically in the future.

I’ve also started collaborating with composers to do some commissions that will then be premiered and recorded once the pandemic is over! Focusing on such a project and laying the groundwork for future plans gives me energy and motivation and hope for the future!

Thankfully, because of my full-time teaching job, my loss of income from freelance work has not forced me to explore other career options. I know that this is not the case for many of my peers, and I am grateful and humbled to be so fortunate.

However, this time has also given me more free time to explore other interests, so I will be enrolling in the college where I teach to take courses on subjects outside my current field: marketing, digital marketing, recording technology…

The pandemic has made me realize that artists today have to be adaptive, and combine many skills to make a life and living.

It has been a time of loss, and a time of forced (and at times, painful) reinvention.

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