Tales from a Time of Covid 19 – Third in a series

Y.G., good friend, immensely talented composer, multi-instrumentalist wrote:  Covid 19’s impact has been both good and bad. The good part was that I had more available time to complete pending projects, spending more family time, and connecting with friends.

I always find new ways to keep busy…. I can’t stay quiet for a single moment, so that staying active is a must for my creative process. I have not considered changing paths as a creative person…I just continue my fight for the arts and music for as long as I can do it and there are people to listen to what I do.

Our dear friend L.J., a gifted actor, writes eloquently: My life as a “working” artist pretty much ended with the start of dialysis in 2016. I was no longer able to maintain the schedule of a working artist. However, I did maintain my participation in a small play reading group, one that did occasional performances. That sadly went out the window with Covid.

One creative outlet actually continued and even increased with Covid. For some years, I have been on the screening committee for the South Florida LGBT Film Festival. Since we had always screened the films virtually (we were sent links to screen the films), Covid has been no obstacle to this work. Thank goodness, as I’ve always found it very rewarding.

Another creative outlet that ended with Covid was my work as a panelist for the Carbonell committee, which involved attending and evaluating live theatre. As live theatre shut down, so did my work.

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