Tales from a Time of Covid 19 – Fourth in a series

From M.V., a pianist friend of ours: Let’s hope we are approaching better times! I have had more time to learn and study new repertoire and I have felt less pressured to “produce” something, with time to think and re-consider the ways in which 21st century artists can still be relevant and successful. 

I don’t believe in “keeping busy”. In fact, I dare say that “keeping busy” is often the enemy of productivity and accomplishment. I consider that often, given the decay of Classical Music in general. If the pandemic did anything, it has made me slightly more confident that what we do is, after all, essential in its own way!

The fact is: perhaps because I come from a different culture, or perhaps because I am a unique human being, I truly do not have the need to “stay active” in order not to go mad. I am one kind of person who doesn’t feel at all “guilty” if I spend the entire day in bed, or wandering about the city, or watching a Netflix series.

And from J.B. – a dear friend and artist:  My passion for painting has been the best cure to keep my thoughts away from the horrible time we are going through. Painting has been my escape into another, happier world. When the news becomes too depressing, I escape down to my basement studio.

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