Pianist Yaoyue Huang at home plays Messiaen and Sherman



Chinese-born pianist Yaoyue Huang focuses her playing on new music and exploring rarely performed 20th century and contemporary works for solo piano and ensemble. She is the co-artistic director of the Music X Habitat X Art Project, an experimental contemporary art and classical performance group based in the PRC’s Shanghai and Guangzhou, and in the United States, which will first launch its online art videos starting in May. Yaoyue currently pursues her Artist Diploma at the University of Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music mentored by master teacher pianist Soyeon Kate Lee.

The Blood of the Stars – Scott Sherman
Scott Sherman, both gifted composer and resourceful pianist, creates in this composition an unpredictably and intriguingly dense sonic landscape that alternates crystal clear consonant passages in the upper range of the piano, often played in obstinate repetition and in diminishing dynamics with moments of dramatic dissonance defined by massive cluster chords played by the left hand and left to resonate by a bold use of the pedal. The brief composition leaves a trong impression long after the last notes have died away.

(9:22) Regard du Père from Vingt Regards sur l’enfant Jesus – Olivier Messiaen
Often ignored and misunderstood Olivier Messiaen, one of the major French composers of the 20th century wrote music that is both complex and hypnotically minimalistic, pragmatic and mystical, quintessentially French and open to influences as varied as Asian music and the sounds of nature, especially birdsong.

Never more so than in his Twenty Meditations on the Child Jesus (Vingt Regards sur l’enfant Jesus) Messiaen gives voice to both his deeply Catholic faith and his rigorous compositional methods. From the 20-vignettes that form part of that composition, Yaoyue Huang plays The Gaze of the Father (Regard du Père) expressing Joseph’s wonderment at the virgin birth of the Child Christ.

Music for All Seasons has presented a series of concerts in Cincinnati since 2016. Due to the current restrictions on public gatherings we have decided to present informal on-line mini-concerts featuring some of the musical artists that have performed in our concert series over the past several years. These are homemade videos created by the artists themselves with the sole purpose of sharing their talents and giving to you the gift of music during the crisis we are all enduring. We hope you will receive them in the same generous spirit by giving thanks to the artists and by sharing their art with your music-loving friends.

Music for All Seasons présente une série de concerts à Cincinnati depuis 2016. En raison des restrictions actuelles imposées aux rassemblements publics, nous avons décidé de présenter des mini-concerts informels en ligne mettant en vedette certains des artistes musicaux qui sont apparus dans notre série de concerts au cours des dernières années. Ce sont des vidéos maison créées par les artistes eux-mêmes dans le seul but de partager leurs talents et de vous donner le don de la musique pendant la crise que nous traversons. Nous espérons que vous les recevrez dans le même esprit généreux en rendant grâce aux artistes et en partageant leur art avec vos amis mélomanes.

Music for All Seasons ha presentado una serie de conciertos en Cincinnati desde 2016. Debido a las restricciones actuales a las reuniones públicas hemos decidido presentar mini-conciertos informales digitales con algunos de los artistas musicales que han participado en nuestra serie de conciertos en los últimos años. Son estos vídeos caseros creados por los propios artistas con el único propósito de compartir sus talentos y darte el don de la música durante la crisis que atravesamos. Esperamos que los recibas con el mismo espíritu generoso, dando gracias a los artistas y compartiendo su arte con tus amigos amantes de la música.