To all our friends

Dear Friends

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has issued further orders prohibiting public gatherings in the State of Ohio, in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as “Corona virus.” Committed as we are to the health and well-being of our audience members and artists we are following common sense practices regarding social distancing.

Also, because of our close relationship to the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, in which most activities have been cancelled or rescheduled for the foreseeable future, it would be all but impossible for the artists involved in our concerts to prepare and rehearse, as they are all closely connected to CCM as alumni, graduate students, and or faculty.

Because of these circumstances Music for All Seasons is cancelling its concerts at Peterloon until we all know with more certainty what the future holds. This cancellation will have a significant emotional and financial impact for all of us – audience and artists.

This world-wide health crisis is a fluidly changing situation, because of which we are neither able to speak of future plans nor predict the fate of our projected Season 2020-2021.

We are grateful to each and every one of you for your enormous loyalty and support throughout the years. We send our best wishes for health and peace to you and yours.


Rafael de Acha & Kimberly Daniel de Acha

One thought on “To all our friends

  1. Dear Rafael and Kimberly,

    This, I know, was a heart-wrenching decision for you, no matter the circumstances that necessitated it. I and my colleagues represent an organization that has been the beneficiary of your thoughtful generosity and commitment. We have only a deep sense of gratitude and connection to you as kindred spirits in our love of and reverence for the arts. We know our lives are richer for supporting, participating in, and just enjoying what human beings can create and share.

    I’m certain I speak for anyone who has crossed your paths when I confirm that you are loved, cherished and deeply appreciated for having made such a direct and positive impact on what we try to do.

    We’re in this with you, and I’m confident if things settle down and you want to return to producing the Peterloon series of concerts, you will find artists standing at the ready!

    With love, understanding and deepest gratitude,

    Kenneth Shaw
    Co-Artistic Director, Opera d’arte


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