BOUNDLESS- Schubert Sonatinas with violinist Zachary Carrettin and pianist Mina Gajic BEST OF 2020

BOUNDLESS, the recent Sono Luminus release (DSL 92240) is a source of joy in our often joyless times:

If Franz Schubert could join me in expressing delight at this execution of his music he most certainly would. The album features three Schubert sonatinas from Opus 137: D.384 in D major, D 385 in A minor, and a dozen works later, D 408 in G minor.

The two artists who bring these gems to vivid life are violinist Zachary Carrettin and pianist Mina Gajic. The instrument that Carrettin plays with a bow made by John Dow around 1800 is a gut-strung jewel built after the Second World War by Luthier Franz Kinsberg. The piano is an Sébastien Érard 1835 treasure recently brought back to life by the Dutch piano builder Frits Janmmat.

The playing of these two invaluable artists: gentle, elegant, utterly Romantic and romantically intimate is perfect for these works of the young Schubert, conceived as they were for the salon, not for the concert hall.

There is not an iota of grandstanding or self-serving flashiness obstructing the connection between the players and the music at any moment during the 56 minutes of sheer delight that BOUNDLESS brings to the listener.

Recorded in an intimate, acoustically-perfect hall in Colorado, exquisitely produced by Erica Brenner, engineered from a to z by the ever flawless Daniel Shores and given an impeccable packaging by Sono Luminus, this one is already at the top of my Best of 2020 list.

Rafael de Acha