HUSH! with Papagena, a group of five women singing a cappella


HUSH! Is the title of the debut CD of Papagena, a group of five women singing a cappella every imaginable kind of music, from Pop to Medieval to Folk to Slavonic to you name it.

They handle Russian, Hebrew, Romanian, Georgian, Sephardic, Greek, Latin, Italian, Bulgarian, Celtic, and perfectly enunciated English with aplomb. Their musicianship is unimpeachable and their cohesive sound a thing of wonder. They sing idiomatically and when Romantic vibrato is undesirable they are able to pull back into a straight-toned approach that suits the music of Hildegard von Bingen and Scarlatti to perfection.

They are sopranos Elizabeth Drury, Abbi Temple, Suzzie Vango, and altos Suzie Purkis and Sarah Tenant Flowers, all-five superb singers and marvelous musicians.

You can visit Papagena at and order a copy of this nifty gift of gentle music, guaranteed to keep all the noise out there at bay.


Rafael de Acha