PROKOFIEV – Alexander Nevsky, Cantata for orchestra, chorus and mezzo-soprano Lieutenant Kijé Suite

Utah Symphony, Thierry Fischer, music director Alisa Kolosova, mezzo-soprano


Reference Recordings’ continues to live up to its ambitious mission through its Fresh! program, which includes promoting the work of American orchestras from cities all over the map, in this case the superb Utah Symphony.

Augmenting its chorus by the addition of two fine choral ensembles from the University of Utah, the orchestra, led by Thierry Fischer delivers a powerful performance of two Prokofiev compositions originally created for the screen.

The score of Alexander Nevsky, created for the classic 1938 Einsenstein film and later reshaped by Prokofiev into a dramatic cantata, here gets an enthralling performance by Maestro Thierry and his forces, with the exceptional mezzo-soprano Alisa Kolosova contributing her glistening sound and idiomatic handling of the Russian text.

The Suite from the music for the film Lieutenant Kijé provides a total contrast to the heroic sound of the Alexander Nevsky score, and Soundmirror‘s excellent engineering enhances the hybrid super audio sound of the neatly packaged album.

A caveat for the future: please add to the excellent liner notes by Paul Griffiths an English translation of the text of any composition with lyrics in a foreign language.

**** Outstanding