With Labor Day just around the corner, a piece in the New York Times that saluted arts workers caught my eye. It gave a nod to those whose work makes it possible for us to attend plays and concerts and ballets and films. Not the artists, mind you, but those heroes behind the scenes.

Then I got the idea to salute several people without whom I could not write about the arts in Cincinnati.

We never see them on stage except when occasionally they have to help arrange music stands and chairs for the orchestra. We most often see then behind a grill or glass in the box office. Once in a while we see them dress up and walk around the lobby before the start of the opera or concert. Here is my salute to some of these selfless worker bees without whom the show would not go on.

Jeanne M. Rose is the box office manager at CCM. I’ve stopped counting the number of times she has made miracles happen for Kimberly and me when I dropped the ball and failed to reserve media seats in a timely manner. Before I even get to see Jeanne I communicate with Rebecca “Becky” Butts, who helps Curt Whitacre, the Director of Marketing and Communications at CCM keep goodness knows how many balls up in the air.

Without Jeanne, Becky and Curt, no music.

We just heard the last of several concerts given by the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra. The mere fact that the CCO can pull off over a dozen music events within the space of four weeks during Summermusik with a minuscule administrative staff is beyond comprehension. But they make musical miracles happen with the four-person team of LeAnne Anklan, Ann Stewart, Lindsay Coleman, and Ralf Ehrhardt.

Without LeAnne, Ann, Lindsay and Ralf, no music.

At the CSO, the indefatigable two-person Communications Force of Chris Pinelo and Franck Mercurio are unfailingly courteous, helpful, and efficient.

Without Chris and Franck, I would not be able to hear any music from the CSO.

There are quite a few more behind the scenes heroes. Please add some of your own to my list and say thank you along with me to those without whom… no music.

Rafael de Acha    http://www.RafaelMusicNotes.com


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