What made me love music: Allan Palacios Chan’s musical memories

Music-Academy-of-the-West-Hahn-Hall-2I’ve always been into the arts, as far as I can remember. I would always be drawing, painting, singing, or creating some sort of crafts all throughout my childhood. I always had good art teachers who would encourage me with my work. I remember being very young and listening to the music of Mozart, and it somehow always ‘made sense’ to me, in a way that is difficult to describe. He remains to this day my favorite composer.

If I were to pinpoint a particular moment, I would have to say my earliest memory of any sort of musical or artistic ‘awakening’ is at barely 4 years of age, sitting in the front seat of our 1984 hand-me-down, busted-old Caprice Classic next to my parents with my 3 older siblings in the back seat, singing with my mom along with the radio. I remember distinctly this warm feeling in the middle of my chest that I still get when I’m ‘in the zone’ with my music making.

Part of me wishes it were something fancier, but there was nothing fancy about my upbringing. It was not devoid of music, love, or laughter; I guess I had everything I needed.

Allan Palacios Chan, tenor