No piano? No problem.


It’s tricky to write about a friend. That friend is Roman Rudnytsky, whom soon I will have known for close to fifty years. Roman also happens to be a superb pianist, and that’s what makes it less difficult to write objectively about him.

It’s not surprising to hear Roman playing even better than he played when we first met and became friends in 1971. He is as modest, as brilliant, as resourceful as ever, playing his heart out, and speaking to his audiences from all corners of the world unpretentiously,  with the simple and single object to share great music with them.

Roman recently sent me a home-made copy of a CD that features live performances from several of his many concerts performed during his travels around the world. Visiting and playing in over 100 countries, Roman Rudnytsky has played with orchestras, in recital, in school auditoriums, and even in places that did not have a piano.  Roman travels with his own electronic Yamaha keyboard, just in case.

The sound quality of the recordings on this CD varies, and it is safe to assume that they were made in less than ideal technical and acoustical conditions. But the music making is first class: impassioned in the Chopin and Turina selections, disciplined and balanced in the Bach Prelude and Fugue in D, elegantly classical in the Mozart variations on a minuet theme, and dazzling in the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 4.

When it comes to the final selection, Mili Balakirev’s finger-breaking “Fantasie Orientale” Islamey Rudnytsky takes on the challenge and comes out triumphant and intact some eight minutes later, ready for the next tour of Australia, the Maldives, Samoa, Saipan or Guatemala.

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Rafael de Acha

Roman Rudnytsky will be playing an all-American program of music by Bernstein, Copland, Gottschalk and Gershwin in the Music for All Seasons at Peterloon on October 6 at 2 pm. For more information: