What made me love music: Melia Watras’ musical memories


What made me fall in love with music was my experience as a child listening to the Guarneri String Quartet.

My family moved a lot when I was growing up, and one constant in my life was that no matter wherever we lived, the Guarneri would be there, on one of their stops on tour.

Going to those concerts sparked in me a passion for the sound of a string quartet and of each instrument, particularly the viola, of course.

The violist of the quartet, Michael Tree, was always gracious in talking to my dad and me after concerts. He had a sparkle in his eye and an engaging manner on and off stage. At that impressionable age, I knew I wanted to be a violist like Michael Tree!

Those Guarneri String Quartet performances have really stayed with me throughout my life.

Melia Watras, violist

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