What made me love music: Gary Briggle’s musical memories


My first recollection of a visceral response to Music was being introduced to Beethoven Symphonies when in elementary school, as played by The National Symphony Orchestra in Washington D.C.

My parents observed my accurate sense of rhythm when I listened to music while still in a playpen. And, like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, as well as Danny Kaye, I was a highly energetic “conductor “ of Rossini Overtures and Offenbach’s “Gaiete Parisienne”!

Ultimately, it was Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts which absolutely enthralled me, and set me on my path towards a career as a musician, I believe.

My 7th grade music teacher assigned me to write a report on Gilbert & Sullivan when I was but a lad of 13- and my fate was sealed.

Gary Briggle, Singer, Actor, Director

5 thoughts on “What made me love music: Gary Briggle’s musical memories

  1. Dear Dale! My goodness, what a wonderful surprise. Heartfelt thanks for your very kind note. I’m blest to make a modest living doing what I love. Hope you’re happy and healthy too! And that our paths cross again one day. I’m at 301-807-8809. Perhaps we could chat sometime? You’re always in my loving thoughts and cherished memories, sweet friend. Thanks again! Xoxoxo


  2. I’ve known Gary for 25 years, and absolutely no one in my experience is more deeply and lovingly aware of what music does for us. His passion as a singer, actor, stage director and teacher is to help anyone within his reach to discover within themselves how music inspires and enlivens kinesthetic awareness, emotional responsiveness and spiritual awakening. I’m blessed to be “within his reach” whenever I think of him. Inspiration knows no distance, no time. Anyone who knows him understands what I mean.


    1. I’m profoundly humbled, dearest Ken, and deeply grateful for your inspiring friendship and extraordinary artistry. I treasure all we’ve shared in the Singer-Actor Process, more with every passing year, and look forward to every opportunity to build on that nourishing foundation. Again, my sincere thanks!


      1. Gary — it’s Dale Drewyer Sullivan. I was watching America’s Got Talent auditions just now, and your face and name came to mind. The articles that came up when I googled you are amazing– but not surprising. I am so happy for you, doing what you love AND doing it so well.
        Hope this finds you hale & hearty!!


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