I asked twenty musician friends to take a trip back down your memory lane and send me a short Facebook message with their answers. Here’s the first of many in a series

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As far as I can remember, my love for music came through different sources: at first my parents, who left in me a great love for popular music. I listened to them performing  many beautiful Cuban and Latin American songs…

A few years later, when I was about 13 years old, I traveled to East Berlin with them. One day they gave me an allowance.  Guess what was my request? I asked them to take me to a record store and I purchased as many classical vinyl albums as I could.

As part of that collection of albums I got Bach’s Mass in B minor, Handel’s Water Music… fifteen records that I purchased which were crucial to my developing a love of classical music.

Later, I started studying classical music in Havana, developing my knowledge and the desire to expand my mind in order to take in an infinite world of music that never ends. That’s why music is so magnificent, you never stop learning. That’s what fascinates me.

Yalil Guerra, Cuban-born composer