What made me love music: Miguel Roig Francoli’s musical memories


A couple of my teachers in 6th or 7th grade (my Latin and Natural Sciences teachers) organized a small school club to listen to classical music. We met in the faculty lounge where there was a record player, and they played LPs for us, with some brief commentaries. The work I remember that particularly impressed me was Beethoven´s Emperor Concerto.

That year for Christmas I got a small portable record player (I´m talking mid-60s in Ibiza, Spain, where I grew up) and some of my first and very favorite LPs were Beethoven´s Pastoral Symphony and an LP that included Liszt´s Les Preludes and Smetana´s Die Moldau.

At the same time I started playing the lute (the Spanish/Latin-American folk version, not the Renaissance lute) in a popular type of string orchestra called in Spain “rondalla”, made up of mandolins, lutes, and guitars. That developed my ear and my sense of lines, textures, counterpoint, and harmony.

A great formative experience.

Miguel Roig Francoli, Spanish Composer

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