Leave it to DIVINE ART to bring much deserved attention to artists the likes of Anthony Goldstone (1944-2017), the late English pianist who during his life made it both his business and a labor of love to explore the rarely visited and undiscovered outer limits of the pianistic repertory.

Once more I sat down to quietly and with undivided attention listen to Goldstone unearth yet another treasure trove from the dustbin of musical history.

In the DIVINE ART 2007 release CD UNHEARD MOZART (dda25051) Anthony Goldstone set out to fully realize or altogether complete nine Mozart works left unfinished by the Austrian master.

Naysayers will most likely question the necessity or validity of this mission, yet I for one salute it with the conviction that more Mozart is never too much Mozart.

And while on the subject of convictions I state clearly that Goldstone was one of the finest pianists I heard in over a half century of concert-going. His playing in this CD is assured to a fault yet pliant and impassioned, accurate yet never pedantic, elegant but not in the least fussy or mannered.

Just in the Mozart realm I was personally and passionately involved in the staging of Mozart’s incomplete L’Oca del Cairo. We used the faultless Virgilio Mortari edition which made it all but impossible to tell where Mozart ended and Mortari picked up. Same here, so seamless is Goldstone bespoke work

And then there’s Puccini’s Turandot. Must we continue to apologize for the use of the tagged-on Alfano ending or just be content with the truncated Puccini? And so forth.

Kudos to Stephen Sutton and divine art for this little gem, to the learned Julian Rushton for his enlightening program notes and, above all to Anthony Goldstone for his Mozartian gift

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