Taste of Basque at Turner Farm

After my recent mini-review of BITE I got so many likes and shares, that I’ve decided to add to RafaelMusicNotes an occasional commentary on food. Our culinary highlight of this week was without question the Taste of Basque event at Turner Farm this Tuesday, presided over by Chef Stephanie Michalak, a charismatic woman with a terrific personality and the gift to cook and teach neophytes like us how to cook.

The Basque country has a very unique culture, language and cuisine, all three having around since way before the Romans first encountered some of my own ancestors two thousand years ago. With mountains in the North and the Bay of Biscay in the East, the cuisine of the Euskari (the term preferred by the Basques to call themselves) encompasses the best of land and sea.

Chef Michalak set up the mise en place for each one of us to choose one dish to prepare. The menu encompassed grilled lamb shops, roasted potatoes, piperrada (a kind of peppers and tomatoes concoction), calamari, trout fillet, Spanish omelet, Piquillo peppers stuffed with salt cod, baby squid, croquettes, spiced almonds, and a basque-style cheesecake. There was some Cidra to drink.

The cooking classes at Turner Farm are always followed by a dinner or lunch in the informal dining area next to their state of the art teaching kitchen. We loved the experience and will be back.

You can find out more by going to http://www.turnerfarm.org

Rafael de Acha




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