Food for the Soul and food for the tummy

Some interesting events taking place this weekend in Cincinnati


Friday, from 5 to 8 pm at Wash Art Park at 1215 Elm Street
FELIX and HELMS | Out of the Park KURT GRANNAN | Out of the Dark
Come for the art, not for the complimentary refreshments…But do come! Once you are in the area, why not pop into…

Music Hall

Once there, pick up a ticket for as little as $15 for the evening concert, which starts at 8 pm.


Pianist James Gaffigan will tackle the gorgeous Piano Concerto of Samuel Barber, conductor Inon Barnatan will lead the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in Rachmaninoff’s romantic Symphonic Dances, and the concert will feature Radioaxial, a lively new composition by Mexican composer Enrico Chapela.

At 7 p.m. things get Latin  in honor of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Cincinnati. Come early and look at the dazzling display of art by Peruvian Alexandra Harcha-Montes.

Oh, and if you feel really Latin at heart, wear orange. Those who do are in for a possible nice surprise. And do not forget that ONE HOUR before the concert there is a Classical Conversation usually led by the evening’s conductor or one of the CSO musicians.

Sunday 8 at 5 pm at Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams

HOJOON LEEAn all-Mendelssohn chamber music concert helmed by cellist Hojoon Choi that will include the sublimely beautiful Octet in Eb, the Trio in C minor and the Quartet no. 2 in A minor. FREE ADMISSION. BUT…

Joon asks that people bring NON-PERISHABLE foodstuffs as a donation for St. George’s Food Pantry.

Food for the Soul followed by food for the tummy.

Rafael de Acha    April 3, 2018


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