With more and more interest in Cuba, more tourism, hopefully more diplomacy between the United States and Cuba we thought it would be interesting to post from time to time some things about Cuban culture and arts on our blog. To help those readers eager to know a bit more about my place of birth, here is the first post of many more to come in the future: a list of website and Facebook pages that deal with things Cuban.



Created by Rey, a talented Cuban photographer in Cuba, this site proves again and again that a picture is worth a thousand words


“Lugares Cubanos” is another treasure trove of beautiful photographs of Cuban places inside and outside of the island.




Arquitectura Cubana has a stunning visual record of Cuban architecture of all periods.



Cuban pop music of today.




 14ymedio means fourteen and a half in Spanish and its English language edition is mostly about Cuba inside today, as viewed by a courageous dissident media and press.


Send award-winning dissident writer Yoani Sánchez an email and subscribe to her English-language newsletter to find out the latest news from inside Cuba.

Rafael de Acha    http://www.Rafael’    All About the Arts     9/28/2017


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