The course  is: Richard Wagner Film Biography by Tony Palmer

It will be given at the University of Dayton’s OLLI (Special Programs and Continuing Education Department) at 300 College Park, Dayton, OH. Taught by Jim Slouffman, classes start on Wednesday, September 20th from 12:30 -2:30 PM and run for 6 weeks.

Jim Slouffman is the President of the Wagner Society of Cincinnati and an authority on the subject.

To phone register call: 937-229-2347.

Tony Palmer, a friend of Jim’s produced and directed for BBC in London. Jim says: “He had many films on composers like Britten, Puccini and Stravinsky. The Wagner film was his mega-hit, with Richard Burton in the role of Wagner! The film is very revealing. It shows Wagner’s passion and creative process as well as his political intrigues, hi relationship with King Ludwig, the Dresden uprising, and his closeness to Nietzsche and Franz Liszt. It utilizes only Wagner’s music in the background and it assists in the story telling. An amazing film!”

Jim plans to show sections of the Palmer film and them lead a discussion on the content.

Hats of to Wagnerite Jim Slouffman for his efforts on behalf of good music in Southern Ohio!

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