The gentlest and oldest of instruments



Clare Callahan, whom it would be fair to call The Mother of Guitar Instruction in our fair City just sent us a “Classical Guitar Aficionado” newsletter.

We hope that other blogs will pick up the good news therein and spread the good word, as the letter/newsletter covers everything being plucked or strummed this side of the Ohio River over in these parts and Indiana plus a good deal of Kentucky happenings.

And, one more thing, we are grateful that Clare is still in the teaching trenches at CCM after all these years.

Here’s the essential information:

Cincinnati Guitar Society ( …
… has three gigs lined up all at St. John’s Unitarian Church, all on Saturdays (evenings, I assume):
September 23 – Jeremy Bass (
October 21 – Richard Goering (
December 9 – Jeremy Collins ( )


Here he is, playing his own Meditation: (

Christopher Wilke’s Caladrian Ensemble ( presents the Pittoni Theorbo Duo on Saturday November 18th. Where and when TBA…

Music for All Seasons at Historic Peterloon
( will have James Meade

401000_jjnpsdqvjm6wlycd74hv  ( on Sunday October 8th at 2 pm., playing Astor Piazzolla’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires and Francisco Tárrega’s Danza Mora, Marieta, Estudio Brillante and Recuerdos de la Alhambra, which you can listen to here: ( .

It is impossible to avoid conflicts of scheduling, what with so much that goes on in Cincinnati! In fairness we should mention that Oscar Ghiglia will be playing his annual concert at CCM that same afternoon.

Here’s hoping that CCM can see its way clear to putting Mr. Ghiglia on stage anytime after 4 pm. That will allow guitar aficionados to travel from the Peterloon Estate in Indian Hill to CCM in Clifton after the end of the Music for All Seasons concert (around 3:30 pm) without risking a speeding ticket.

There is more, much more in the way of guitar music in Cincinnati and beyond. Much of it is a direct result of Clare Callahan’s advocacy on behalf of the gentlest and oldest of instruments.

Rafael de Acha


2 thoughts on “The gentlest and oldest of instruments

  1. Rafael, Mille grazie for this news break! I don’t know about “The Mother of Guitar Instruction” but I appreciate the nod. Your writing is as fluent and engaging as ever. Kudos to you for your stalwart, cavalier efforts on behalf of all things “Classical” in Cincinnati. I was amazed to see that the Kennedy Awards this year have no “classical” artist! To this we’ve come (from “Amahl and the Night Visitors” I think). There are the Country Music Awards, the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame, the People’s Choice Awards et al. The Kennedy Awards were instituted (if I remember correctly) in the 70 by the Kennedy family to honor “classical artists” (drama, dance, acting, painting, literature, music). Now that we’ve been subsumed by the Pop Culture, and the Kennedy Center is located in our nation’s capital, the thinking is to honor what’s popular I guess. Great weather! Enjoy! Appreciatively, Clare

    From: Rafael’s Music Notes <> Reply-To: Rafael’s Music Notes <> Date: Friday, August 18, 2017 at 1:59 PM To: Clare Callahan <> Subject: [New post] The gentlest and oldest of instruments

    rafaelsmusicnotes posted: “Guitars…Guitars…Guitars…Guitars… Clare Callahan, whom it would be fair to call The Mother of Guitar Instruction in our fair City just sent us a “Classical Guitar Aficionado” newsletter. We hope that other blogs will pick up the good news therein and spr”


    1. My Dear First Lady of the Guitar, Your undeserved words of appreciation are appreciated (!) As for the status quo of the arts in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave…thank goodness there’s some sanity left amongst some of us…This just in (on Forbes) – the entire President’s Council on the Arts and Humanities just resigned EN MASSE. As for the Kennedy Center’s Honors, it has become closer in spirit and style to the Country Music Awards or the Grammys. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi! Let’s all hang in there!


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