logo-1Kimberly had gone to lunch with a couple of CCM colleagues. Around 1 pm, with only two shots of espresso inside me and a major case of breakfast withdrawal (for me breakfast can be breakfast at any time of day or night) I got in the car and drove little over one mile to WILD EGGS, at 7677 Montgomery Road.


Maybe the nicest all-day breakfast eatery I ever ate at. Ordered Eggs Benny, named I assume after the proprietor of this national chain. But don’t let the words ‘national chain’ deter you. This is all-day breakfast with class. The jumbo eggs were, as I had asked, over easy, sitting atop a mound composed of perfect Canadian bacon bathed in a béchamel sauce and happily paired to an English muffin.


On the side – and I mean on the side and not poured on top – perfect grits, lightly seasoned with butter already added to them. A pot of fresh dark coffee… A jar of water… A cloth napkin(!)  


For dessert (yes, I know, I should not have but I did) a perfect pancake with strawberries in the mix, not poured onto it in an unsightly glob. I asked for and got sugar-free syrup.


A bright room with paintings all over the walls, large windows that obviate the need for the inevitable neon lights on often encounters in casual eateries.    


Pleasant, professional service, young, neatly dressed, racially mixed staff and clientele, low noise level, flat screen TV playing sports but no sound.


Ambient music that is hardly noticeable. Comfortable booths… Easy parking…


Usually I write about the arts, but today I want to give a perfect ten to my new discovery in the realm of culinary arts.


We’ll be back for brunch later this week.


Rafael de Acha


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