So you’d like to go into Opera?

Just like NY, NY is “…the city that never sleeps…” CCM is the performing arts school that never ever naps, not even in the summer.

This upcoming one is no exception as, led by Soprano Amy Johnson and Maestro Mark Gibson, the Cincinnati mega-conservatory will hold its annual OPERA BOOTCAMP.

From July 8  through 30, over a period of three very intensive weeks, a handful of hopeful opera singers, conductors and pianist-coaches will come together to hone their skills under the tutelage of a world class faculty that will put them through the paces necessary to get on its funny feet Francis Poulenc’s surrealist romp Les mamelles de Tirésias in a double bill with Giacomo Puccini’s comic masterpiece Gianni Schichi.

The choice of both the Poulenc and the Puccini is great, as there are some two dozen roles perfectly suited to young voices available in the double bill.

Under the guidance of Amy Johnson, Vernon Hartman, and Andrea Tutt, all singers begin Bootcamp with a two day intensive focusing on specific tools to prepare for the rigorous schedule ahead that includes rehearsals, classes in acting and movement techniques, and language coaching.

While the singers sing, the budding conductors, stage directors and coaches will work closely with Maestro Mark Gibson and others in the faculty on developing the skills essential to a career in the highly competitive field of opera.

Enrollment for CCM OPERA BOOTCAMP Summer Programs is limited. The application deadline is April 15, 2017.

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2 thoughts on “OPERA BOOTCAMP

  1. HI Rafi- Looks marvelous. ! Nowhere was I able to find on the link how much it would cost to attend. Any thoughts – / Thanks much -DAnna


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