Nicolai Gedda (July 11, 1925 – January 8, 2017) [

Nicolai Gedda sang well into his late seventies. He could do so fluently and idiomatically in flawless French, Russian, German, Italian, English, Czech, and Swedish.

Gedda made some two hundred recordings, making him one of the most widely recorded opera singers in history.

He was a late bloomer and had to work as a bank teller to pay for his voice lessons, but once he made his professional debut at age 26 (Swedish National Opera) he was unstoppable.

There were tenors who had more powerful voices or could sing higher or do whatever it is that makes some tenors more famous than others. But when it came to finesse, to phrasing, to elegance, to style, to musicianship, to musicality, to perfect diction in any languages in which he sang…well, he was in a class by himself.

He’s now up there in the company of other great Scandinavian singers…Birgit Nilsson…Jusi Bjoerling…Aksel Schiøtz

He will always be remembered by all who love great singing.


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  1. His voice was on so many of the opera albums my mother used to play at top volume on our living room stereo. Great memories of my youth.


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