Our ever-resourceful friends at NAVONA RECORDS just came out with DASHING – SOUNDS OF THE SEASON. ( Catalog #: NV6055)

For those of us already saturated with clichéd renditions of Christmas warhorses I heartily recommend DASHING as a delightful antidote to Christmas overload.

Among the many gems in the 14-track album, Petr Vronsky and his Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra make lively music to put one in high spirits in David Tanner’s A Visit from St. Nicholas with Kerry Statton neatly providing the narrative text.

Delvyn Case’s Rocket Sleigh. O Holy Night, with composer Tanner on soprano sax and the Moravians provide just the right amount of sentiment without sap.

The closing track of the CD , with the Moravians in fine form, lets us be home for Christmas in a note-perfect A Christmas Celebration by Timothy Lee Miller.

The members of the Stanbery Singers – an American chamber choir led by Paul Stanbery – sing with vitality in half of the album’s tracks, offering imaginatively-arranged versions of traditional melodies and altogether lovely original compositions by L. Peter Deutsch, Christopher J. Hoh, Philip Rhodes and James Shrader.

In one of our many favorite moments on the CD The Salt Lake Jazz Orchestra takes God Rest You Merry Gentlemen in Henry Wolking’s nifty arrangement and sends it sky high after a laid-back start, then morphing it into a Latin-inflected section, then briefly into a jazz waltz, then back into a straight-ahead section, proving to all that Christmas music can be many things to all kinds of music lovers.

The album is engineered and packaged in the world class manner that Navona Records always pulls off, and is available from them. (www.navonarecords.com ) It can also checked out for highlights on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7qBkTZ0UP4&feature=youtu.be

To the good people at Navona Records, a Merry Christmas!