Even if you haven’t heard who Danny White is you must have heard about a Broadway show called The Lion King.

After graduating CCM in 2016 (as a conducting pupil of Roger Grodsky) Danny has worked steadily as Associate Conductor of the North American Tour of The Lion King.

Now in his fifth city and, in his words, “greatly enjoying my job”, Danny just got the news that the North American Tour of the show, which has been running without pause for almost 15 years, will be closing for a few months and reopening in the fall as a more streamlined adaptation of the show, one the producers hope to send to smaller markets the show has not yet reached.

Most likely Danny will continue to work as Associate Conductor in that new production. If he does not remain with the show there will be other projects that will keep both the wolf and the lion from Danny White’s door and open other doors for him.

Danny speaks about where things are at for him at this point in his still young career:

“Aside from my duties with The Lion King (which are many, as the quality of the show is consistently and rigorously upheld), I haven’t been involved in much, save for a few small side projects that have been asked of me by colleagues. Thinking beyond The Lion King, I’d like to eventually move back to New York (I was there a whole month before leaving for this tour!) and continue my musical endeavors on Broadway. But this may be a few years out still, depending on how long I stay with this juggernaut of a show.”

One thing is certain: Broadway music is Danny’s territory. He trained to specialize in it, but his enormous musicianship has allowed him to conduct, accompany, write, arrange and play all kinds of music with assurance and a terrific sense of style.

One of these days you are most likely to see Danny White leading the orchestra in a Broadway show either in New York or in a theater near you.

Rafael de Acha

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