If your notion of a dance concert is one of toe shoes and tutus and little girls that aspire to become famous ballerinas showing off for moms and dads with cellphones at the ready to take videos, you will not get any of that when you go to a dance concert by Mam-Luft & Co. Dance. ( mamluft

MLC, for short, is all about Modern Dance. No, actually, make that contemporary dance. Modern Dance has been around for over a century while Mam-Luft & Company and its dancers have been around for just ten seasons, which, as dance troupes goes makes them both youngsters and survivors in the touch-and-go world of dance.

They have a three-concert season that begins this coming November 9th with several performances at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. In that opening concert, aptly titled 5 of 10, the MLC dancers bring back five dance pieces from their ten-year repertory. Of these, the one voted audience favorite will be repeated in their May 5-6 pair of concerts – Homecoming – at the Aronoff Center’s second space.

Those are their two Cincinnati concerts. On March 31 through April 2 they will be at NKU collaborating with their students on a new work.

MLC is led by Jeanne Mam-Luft, who functions as the company’s leader, artistic director and business manager. She supplements the company’s modest ticket income by teaching dance to kids and adults throughout the year and in various locations around the area within an outreach program partially supported by Artswave, Ohio Arts and the generosity of a handful of donors.

I can personally vouch for the high artistic quality of this indispensable member of the small but growing Cincinnati dance scene, having reviewed and raved about their work for the past three years.

But remember, this is not our grandfather’s dance..

Rafael de Acha