slider-bg-15My good friend, Nathaniel “Nat” Chaikin is a visionary missionary. Not content with his intense schedule as a free-lance musician and cello instructor and member of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, Nat has set out on a mission to quietly bring classical music down to the vast public that does not like it or thinks it will not like it. He is doing this, step-by-step, unpaid gig after low paying gig, dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, often taken for a busker except that  he does not set out a tin cup.

Nat plays in places as quiet as a library or as noisy as Cincinnati’s Union Terminal, often surrounded by passersby  and inattentive children whose parents make no effort to teach them that music should be listened to quietly. But he plays on, and, as he plays, people fall silent and listen. That is the sort of minor musical miracles he can create.

Nat will play anywhere where there are a few chairs and an electrical outlet for his boombox. Nat’s mission has a name: BACH AND BOOMBOX (

Give Nathaniel Chaikin a listen. He’s one of those unassuming people who create miracles. And we all know that classical music needs some these days.